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                  Providing a total seamless solution by connecting with digital technology, we resolve your business issues
                  Digitally link and optimize your entire supply chain, from management to workplaces

                  Value Chain Reforms for Management in the New Normal Era

                  Learn about solutions in each field

                  • Manufacturing

                    We use digital technologies to connect entire manufacturing businesses, from manufacturing sites to management. This improves productivity and quality, enabling efficient manufacturing operations that can respond immediately to the changing needs of markets.

                  • Logistics

                    We utilize data throughout the entire value chain, from procurement to sales and after-sales services. This enhances the functionality of distribution centers and delivery, leading to optimization of the supply chain.

                  • Retail

                    By collecting data and analyzing it through the use of AI, we improve the visualization of consumer needs. This makes one-to-one marketing more accurate and contributes to an increase in sales.

                  • Maintenance

                    By providing high added value to after-sales services for the manufacturers and owners of production equipment, we contribute to increased profits, labor-saving efforts, and improved operating rates of equipment.

                  • Utilities
                    (water environment)

                    By making use of the knowledge and track record we have cultivated over years of experience as a comprehensive water service provider, we provide advanced water and sewage solutions that contribute to achieving a sustainable society.

                  • Utilities
                    (air conditioning equipment)

                    Through a wide range of environment-related businesses, such as air and energy, we implement clean environments to meet our customers' diverse needs.

                  • Products
                    (mass production)

                    We provide a variety of production equipment, system, and services that are necessary for factories. We can also propose measures for tackling issues such as power and labor reduction and the improvement of production lines.

                  • Products
                    (built-to-order production)

                    Throughout the world, we provide key products that meet the needs of our customers in the manufacturing industry and in fields such as resources and energy, and that support social innovation businesses.

                  Learn about solutions in each industry

                  • Appliances and precision machinery
                  • Automobiles
                  • Food products and pharmaceuticals
                  • Steel, gas, and chemicals
                  • Distribution, transport, and retail
                  • Water and public infrastructure

                  Learn about solutions for resolving specific issues

                  • Optimizing management and improving visualization
                  • Improving quality
                  • Increasing productivity
                  • Enhancing security
                  • Skill transfer and promoting diversity
                  • Saving energy and contributing to the SDGs

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                  Contents of this page are applicable in Japan. Total seamless solution is a registered trademark of Hitachi, Ltd. in Japan.

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