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                The Hitachi Tree

                Breathing new life into society,people and the next era.

                The Hitachi Tree

                The Hitachi Tree first originated through a TV commercial that aired in Japan in 1973. It symbolized the "comprehensive drive" and the "wide business range" of the Hitachi Group. It continues today as an image of the Hitachi Group's working for communities through leveraging of its collective capacities and technologies, and the dedication of the individuals that the Group comprises.
                The tree is widely recognized, especially in Japan, and has become an important symbol of the Hitachi Group’s reliability, and earth-friendliness. It also enhances Hitachi’s brand value as a visual representation of its corporate slogan: "Inspire the Next."
                Over the past 35 years, the Hitachi Tree has become a valuable Hitachi Group asset as a familiar and respected image in Hitachi's expanding messages globally.

                The Hitachi Tree

                Read more about the origin, size and age of the Hitachi Tree.

                Moanalua Gardens

                Read about Moanalua Gardens, the home of the Hitachi Tree.

                Visit the Hitachi Tree!

                Get directions to Moanalua Gardens from Waikiki on Oahu Island, Hawaii.

                Hitachi Tree Advertising

                View Japanese advertisements featuring the Hitachi Tree.